Hemp Protein - A super food!

We go to great lengths to ensure our bodies are fit and healthy throughout our lives.  Through regular exercise and our diets we always try to get the right balance so we feel fit and healthy.  What's more with us all trying to eat our five a day portions of fruit and vegetables, we are become an increasing health conscious nation.

There is becoming an increasing preference to consume supplements and food which are both natural and free from chemicals.  For many hundreds of years there has been an interest and popularity for the use of Hemp Protein as the significant benefits it can produce have been noticed and been used for a variety of purposes.  Prior to 1880 Hemp was the largest and most used domestic product in the home, its popularity and benefits meant that many households would purchase supplements which contained hemp.

Our diets need a good mix of vitamins and minerals, however we also need a good mix of Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), these EFAs aid digestion and assist in breaking down our food to ensure we aborb the very best out of them. 

Other supplements

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